Hi, there! My name is Grace Martin.

I write fantasy novels with strong heroines, distinctive worlds and thrilling stories that explore the best and worst in human nature.

I hope you enjoy my stories. I love to hear from my readers so feel free to get in contact to tell me what you think!

A Game of Starlight and Secrets launches 15th October!

In a technologically advanced society based on Ancient Rome, everyone’s lives are determined by their social status and their legally allocated gender. Tethia has learned to fit in, to follow the rules, no matter what it costs her personally. This includes giving up the baby she bore out of wedlock. She goes on living her life, pretends that she’s OK and is terrified that people will find out about her infraction.

When she finds out that her daughter has been used in a secret government experiment and is scheduled to be terminated, Tethia finally draws a line and says, “No more.” What follows will change her whole world.

(This books covers themes of discrimination, domestic abuse and gaslighting, so be aware if these are sensitive topics for you).

She will show Caesar what a woman can do…

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A Game of Starlight and Secrets

Available 15th October 2020!

The pieces have been set up, but Tethia refuses to be just a pawn in a dangerous game. She will do whatever it takes.

In technologically advanced New Rome, where women are possessions, and violence and political intrigue are everywhere, Tethia has surrendered her identity in exchange for limited, genderless freedom. She wont give up her freedom without a fight.

But there is one thing Tethia values more than her freedom: the baby girl she bore in secret and gave away to be raised by the State.

When Tethia learns that her daughter has been numbered among the unCounted and used in a government experiment, her priorities shift. In five days, Sheya will be terminated. Tethia is determined to rescue her daughter. Nothing can stand in her way.

Fans of Bella Forrest, Suzanne Collins and Anne McCaffrey will love this thrilling science fantasy adventure because everyone loves a determined heroine who won’t take no for an answer.


The Night Princess

Juniper Green was an ordinary teenager with a stupid name… until she found out her parents are vampires.

Now, the Vampire King hungers for the powers Juniper never knew she had.

Her only hope is Ysande, the Night Princess, an enigmatic figure with terrifying powers from another world… who perhaps has her own reasons for rescuing Juniper.

Read The Night Princess today and follow Juniper as she tries to survive in the terrifying world inhabited by the Night Princess.

The Author’s Daughter series

Book 1

Daughter of a Captive God

The Servant of the Goddess of Death has never been more sarcastic.

Katie’s days are numbered. At first she thought the breast cancer would kill her. Now it seems like she won’t live long enough for that to be a problem.

Her father went missing and might not even be in the real world any more. Monsters are breaking into her house. What’s worse, her brother has returned after a seven year absence, dressed in barbarian heroic chic. Now he’s told Katie that she’s been marked by the Goddess of Death.

Her day just keeps getting better.

To save her father Katie must confront ghosts, the undead and her own mortality. It’s not a question of if. It’s a question of which one kills her first…

You’ll love this snarky portal fantasy and its kick-ass heroine.



About Me

Writing is in my blood. When I was very small my father used to make up stories on the spot to keep me entertained. As I grew older, we shared our love of stories and storytelling. I’ve never lost the thrill of falling into a new story.

Human nature fascinates me. People are far weirder than we like to admit and I love exploring that in my stories. We fall in love without warning and sometimes without reason. We make enemies without even knowing how. We make snap decisions based on things that happened to us years ago. These are the wonderful variations of being human that make fiction so enthralling.

In my spare time I like to play the piano and violin, and knit Shetland lace.

Daughter of a Captive God is my debut fantasy novel. The Night Princess is a YA fantasy novella, set in the same world as Daughter of a Captive God. A Game of Starlight and Secrets is a science fantasy novel.


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