The Angelus and the Angel of Death, available for pre-order!

My next short story, The Angelus and the Angel of Death is now available for Pre-order on Amazon Kindle!

Set in occupied Budapest during World War 2, it follows Margit, a deeply conflicted young woman in a desperate situation who is determined to take control of her situation, but the consequences are creeping up on her.

Margit and her sister Elisabeth had to flee their home town when the Nazis realised what Margit was doing. Now, in Budapest, the Angelus bells that ring only in Margit’s mind continue to call her to her work. When tragedy strikes, Margit tries desperately to stop. But then the Angelus bells call her again and despite ghostly warnings, Margit must obey. Once again, Margit draws the attention of the Nazis. This time there will be no escape.

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